Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Get A New Chihuahua Puppy To Sleep Through the Night

This may be a very exciting time if you are bringing home a new puppy or new adult dog into your family! You may have decided already on exactly what dog supplies you want to have on hand, like feeding dishes, appropriate puppy or dog food and treats, collar and leash, and maybe a very nice dog bed.

If you are bringing home a new Chihuahua puppy or a new adult Chihuahua dog into your family, you may need some patience and planning to come up with a daily routine for your puppy to help him sleep throughout the night, so that you will both feel rested and happy! Every dog needs their own safe and comfortable place to sleep.

You may wish to have the puppy's bed in a quiet, safe place in the house. A peaceful and comfortable corner or section of the room may be nice. Maybe you will choose a nice, safe, cozy dog bed for the Chihuahua puppy. You probably will want to pick a special sleeping area for the puppy where there is not much noise that would disturb him.

The puppy may feel a little more confident and secure if he can still see the people in the house from his sleeping area. Just knowing that you are there may help him to stay relaxed and calm. Most puppies in a new home environment may feel somewhat anxious and have a difficult time at first trying to quiet themselves down to sleep for the night. A new puppy may whine to get your attention. Everything may seem so new to your puppy in the beginning until he gets a little used to his new home. He may miss his mom and family litter in the beginning.

The puppy may enjoy having a favorite, safe dog toy or dog blanket with him for a feeling of familiarity and security. Dogs sometimes instinctively circle around their sleeping place where they are going to sleep. If you want the puppy in his bed at a certain time, you can begin a daily routine schedule and try to have him go to bed around the same time every night, so he gets used to this habit. But, if the Chihuahua puppy leaves his bed, you can nicely put him back in his bed, so he gets the idea and learns to get comfortable in his special sleeping space.

When the puppy gets accustomed to where his bed is, you may tell him to go into his own bed when you want him to go to sleep at night. Dogs like to know what is expected of them. Hopefully, he will soon learn a nice bedtime routine.

So the Chihuahua puppy can sleep good at night you may want to allow for adequate and appropriate exercise for the puppy throughout the day. You can plan a routine schedule for meal times for the puppy. Dogs usually respond well to a nice schedule. It may be helpful to get into the habit of some calm, quiet time before the actual bedtime. The puppy may need to go outside to eliminate immediately before bedtime. Providing background sounds, such as a very soft background sound of a TV or radio may calm the puppy down and relax him at night.

A puppy may need to eliminate in the middle of the night. If the puppy needs to go out during the night, he may whine, pace or bark. You can take him outside in a safe manner to eliminate and bring him right back to his sleep area to go back to sleep. He should learn to understand that it is time for sleep and not time to play during the night. The Chihuahua puppy will learn that his owner is a good leader and he will feel loved and protected. Hopefully, with a few helpful ideas you and your puppy will get sufficient sleep every night and be happy!

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